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Introducing XCASINO Coin, XCASINO’s native currency that provides players with unmatched utility and value compared to playing with other cryptocurrencies. XCASINO is an ERC20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

XCASINO players benefit from reduced transaction fees, receive exclusive bonuses, cashback, welcome bonuses, and other special promotions when using $XCASINO for payment. XCASINO revenue will be shared with top holders and players, as another portion is used on buy backs.

Taxes (Buy / Sell):

5% Marketing/Development

Introducing XCASINO

XCASINO is an easy use Telegram online casino bot.

Step into our world and explore an extensive collection of crypto games, including popular favorites like slots, dices, roulette, bowling, basketball and many others, as well as innovative new offerings that cater to the modern gaming enthusiast


Casino Experience Like Never Before

Our innovative platform ensures a seamless and immersive gaming experience, complete with cutting-edge features that bring the social aspect of casino gaming to the forefront. Earn directly from XCASINO Bot further to the opportunity receiving a share from revenue generated

Easy way to Be Rewarded

XCASINO players and holders have the opportunity to be rewarded from our revenue share model as well as the buybacks from generated revenue. Your dividends are distributed based on the percentage of XCASINO tokens you have.Play more games to earn more share.



As we continue to evolve, XCASINO roadmap is updated with new developments, iterations and content. Our roadmap charts an exciting journey for our global community – so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Q3 2023

- Team Formation
- Social Media
- Smart Contract Development
- XCASINO Bot Development
- Ecosystem establish

- Website launch

Q4 2023

- Tokenomics creating
- XCASINO Bot Finalisation
- Automatic Crypto Payment Integration
- Crypto Websites Listings
- Massive Marketing Campaigns

Q1 2024

- CEX Listings
- XCASINO dApp Development

Q2 2024

- Press Releases
- Global Brand Ambassador
- Super Affiliate Partnerships

- Marketing Campaigns
- Community Events & Promotions
- New Games Launch

- Sponsorship Deals

Q3 2024

- More to come...

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